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Dear Friends

It has been 15 years since
I established NART Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Inc., and 32 years since I met the Global Risk Management World.

Allow me to try fitting the last 15 years I spent with my colleagues into two pages. NART Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Inc. was established on August 1999 in a basement at Kore Şehitleri Caddesi and with its first clients late İbrahim Bodur and MTU companies, it gathered Turkey’s qualified insurance experts. NART, demonstrated its first intensive work by providing successful consultancy services for the four largest organizations that have been damaged by the Izmit earthquake, Toyotasa, Aksa Akrilik, Yalova Elyaf and Mannesmann Borusan companies. NART, including individuals and companies such as late İbrahim Bodur, Kavi Holding, Soyak Holding, MTU, Glaxo Smith Klein, L'Oreal, Wacker Makina, BASF, Hoechst Marion Russel (today’s Sanofi), Toyotasa and BİM among its first 10 clients, started its first year of operation backed by the trust of such elite individuals and companies.

The power and strength we received from our first clients and high-trust relationships that came with my experience as general manager in my former employers Nordstern Insurance, Nordstern İmtaş Group and AXA Oyak, helped us from the beginning to young talents teenagers and experienced insurance brokers. With the customer trust granted to us from day one and the valuable team members, our company focused on being the leading and reliable brokerage firm. When the number of clients increased rapidly in İstanbul and Marmara Region, NART opened its Ankara Regional Office on the sixth month of its establishment and started providing service for investors in Central Anatolia Region. In 2001 it established the spacial infrastructure related to its future growth by moving into its own building. It quickly kept up with the big change in the global insurance sector that came with the crisis of 2001, which was one of the worst economic crises in Turkey’s history and the events of September 11th. With the strength coming from our dedicated, dynamic, young yet experienced staff, our company turned the crisis into an opportunity and brought many new insurance products to Turkey.

In the first months after its establishment, NART started representing in Turkey and neighboring countries many reputable brokers that are among the leaders of Europe’s independent brokers, and became a service center of 23 brokers in Turkey and Middle East.

Some of these companies were among the most famous brokers such as Alexander Forbes, AJG (Arthur J Gallager), JLT, Lockton, Van Breda, Assiteca, Funk, Grego, Funk, Artus, Diot, Trust Risk, Unison, Cooper Gay.

Our company, being a leader in innovation, established Turkey’s first call center and served its clients 24/7, stood by its many policyholders on the events of damage and accidents, thus minimized their loss of life and property.

In 2004 NART, which was operating as Turkey’s largest local broker, once again led the way, and started holding annual NART Risk Management Meetings with the participation of nearly 300 people. On the same year, they discussed the topics “Managing Professional Liability Risks, Professional Liability Insurance”, “Managing Product Liability Risks and Preventive Measures, Product Liability Insurance”.

In 2004, out of complaisance of my colleagues, I was elected as the President of Brokers Association. On my second year of presidency, we achieved the honour of enrolling Brokers Association as a member of International Brokers Union, BIPAR (European Federation of Insurance Intermediaries) which has been longed for since 1960.

NART employees, who carried out a new creativity project at Receivables Risk Management, held the NART Risk Management Meeting named “Receivables Risk Management” in 2006, where executives of Coface, Euler Hermes, Attradius companies attended as speakers.

Our company reached 60 employees by 2007, and opened its Bursa Regional office. In 2007, by signing a contract with Europe’s two most significant Brokers Network, NART Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Inc. became the Strategic Partner of Brokerslink and Trust Risk organizations in Turkey.

In years 2008 and 2009, NART published a book about “Medicine, Chemistry, Cosmetics Risk Management” and “Energy Risk Management” and opened its Antalya Regional Office in the same year.

In years 2010 and 2011, NART organized the forums named “Food Risk Management” and “Construction Risk Management” and offered a new gold mine of information to its clients and risk managers by publishing its books on these subjects. In 2011, NART Business Center, a prepared office brand of MLN Real Estate Development and Consultancy Inc. which is owned by the group, came into service in its own 5 thousand m2 building at Levent Polcenter.

In 2012, "Automotive Risk Management" topic was discussed and the book was published. Total number of employees reached 100. Germany’s number one establishment specialized in construction sector, VHV VerwaltungsAG, which is owned by 100-year-old VHV Holding, bought 40% of the shares of the main company of NART Group. During this partnership, NART made great progress in transition to institutionalization by merging with the most prestigious insurance company in Germany which has 2,4 billion Euro turnover and 3.800 employees. In 2013, NART discussed the "Protection of Art and Cultural Heritage” and opened its first foreign branch at Erbil,
Northern Iraq.

In 2014, in order to answer the requirements of our developing company and keep our successful employees happier and more productive, a 10-storey building in Kavacık was bought and named as NART Plaza. Diyarbakır Regional Office was opened in the same year.

In 2015, our company which celebrated its 15th anniversary, held the meeting named “Cyber Risk Management” and offered the coverage structure with 100 million Euro capacity to the service of Turkish insurance sector.

NART Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Inc. with 6 branches and more than 100 employees in Turkey and 25.000 employees in 130 countries, became the most important brand known with its regional services in our country and in the world, offering risk management, insurance and damage consultancy services to local and global industrial, service and finance companies.
We would like to extend our thanks to all our customers who have trusted us, our valuable and dedicated employees who are still with us and who have served in the past, all insurance and appraiser companies of the insurance industry and those who have guided us with their experience in particular to our President Yavuz Canevi and all the members of our Advisory Board.

NART Insurance and
Reinsurance Brokerage Inc.
CEO & President

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